Our Mission

"Provide quality services designed to meet the increasingly complex needs of our clients. We assist clients develop and implement effective strategies and programs to address compliance issues and to effectively prepare for and deal with crises situations."

"We assist our clients to design and implement plans, procedures, training programs and techniques to create effective decision making strategies that help simplify complex information and manage high information load."

Consulting Areas

Logical Management Systems Corp.
provides professional business consulting in a number of key corporate areas including:

  • sq-bulletCrisis Management
  • sq-bulletEnterprise Risk Management
  • sq-bulletBusiness Impact Assessment
  • sq-bulletProject Management
  • sq-bulletSupply Chain Management

Ask Yourself

  • Do we operate 24X7?
  • How would our image be affected by an interruption?
  • Have we set operational tolerances?
  • How well do we monitor business processes?
  • Have our systems changed recently?
  • How are we affected by eCommerce?
  • Do we outsource?
  • How effective is our Incident Management Program?
  • Are our continuity plans up to date?
  • Have we merged or acquired other entities?
  • Can our value chain recover from a disruption?
  • What is our Vulnerability Exposure?